Midsummer Festival
June 16-18

Newry Chamber Music presents Play Percussion - Kids Workshop Saturday 17 June 2017, 1pm

Video: Ronan McKee introducing the 2015 workshops.

Play Percussion (Kids Workshop)
Saturday 17 June 2017, 1pm
Directed by Ronan McKee

Venue: Christchurch Parish Hall, Bessbrook (Church of Ireland) (Map)
Date/Time: Saturday 17 June 2017, 1pm
Duration: Approximately 1 hour

Find your inner rhythm by signing up for one of our one hour Play Percussion workshops.

Ronan McKee, our facilitator and widely experienced percussionist, will lead you through an energetic, uplifting, motivating session which is sure to get you filled with rhythm and rushing off to pick up your own set of bongos! For the kids, it is a chance to take part in a fun and innovative workshop. Ronan ensures that all those involved, regardless of musical ability, are able to fully participate and gain a real sense of achievement. Participants are encouraged to take responsibility for their part within an ensemble and the sessions provide them with opportunities for self-expression and creativity, helping to develop listening, coordination and performing skills.

This workshop is suitable for Primary School ages only.
Tickets must be purchased in advance.

We are also running a workshop for Young Persons and Adults.


Tickets: £5 per participant.
Availability: Ticketing closed.